I have been exploring my environment through a lens and with Photoshop since 1999. My nature photos have appeared in galleries such as Bainbridge Arts & Craft and Art Soup as well as the Boston Globe, the Bainbridge Review, Living Buddhism, Art Access, and several online publications and in my book, Romancing the Buddha. My digital graphic art has been incorporated into web site designs, webinars and in numerous print publications. I also taught digital photography workshops through Bainbridge Arts & Crafts (now The Bainbridge Art Project).

My Reimagined Nature Photo Art evolved from many of my favorite nature photographs.

For  Music Makers. I used shapes and color to reveal the emotional tones of musical instruments and the hands that play them. Each of these images evolved from photographs I took of musicians in the Seattle area, the Olympic Peninsula and Canada. 16 inch x 20 inch versions of these images are currently being displayed in the Bainbridge Performing Arts Gallery and in an office at Pacifica Law Group. They are printed on canvas with a black one-inch siding. 

I am happy to offer Glicee archival canvas or paper prints or accept commissions to meet a client’s space and budget requirements.

All images copyright 2022 Mike Lisagor