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Romancing the Buddha (3rd edition)

Michael Lisagor shares warm and witty stories and advice on applying the principles of SGI Nichiren Buddhism in daily life. This third November 2021 edition of Romancing the Buddha contains several new chapters, additional illustrations and photos, an overview of Nichiren Buddhism, a glossary of Buddhist terms and a reader's guide. Mike reveals how Buddhism - which offers teachings of personal and social transformation - helped him deal with his wife's serious illness, his own depression and the death of a close friend. Here too is hard-won wisdom on relationships, with powerful insights on marriage and parenting. Great for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Mike lives with his wife of 52 years and his harmonica on an island in the Pacific Northwest. A YouTube video of his 45 minute one-man show can be viewed here.

4.5 stars on Amazon
Sample Review: "A wise and moving account of the author's adventuresome journey toward spiritual enlightenment and social awareness. It helps us understand the intimate connection between resolving conflicts in one's personal life and working effectively for peace on a global scale." 

My Fifty Years of Buddhist Practice

My 50 Years of Buddhist Practice: Dealing with Depression, Serious Illness & Everyday Life is a great introduction to the practical application of Buddhism. It is about the lessons Mike Lisagor has learned from 50+ years of practicing and studying Nichiren Buddhism on a daily basis together with his wife. These perspectives and experiences reveal how SGI Nichiren Buddhism, which offers teachings of personal and social transformation, together with Daisaku Ikeda's guidance and psychotherapy have continued to help Mike and his wife deal with serious illness, depression, childhood trauma, aging, parenting and creating hope in these challenging times. This book is a sequel to Romancing the Buddha (third edition) which has sold over 10,000 copies. 

4.6 Stars on Amazon
Sample Review: "This book is a great read for Buddhist and non-Buddhists alike. It's filled with inspirational life lessons and profound quotes, written with humor
and Mike's heartfelt ability to connect directly with others."

For the last eight years, Michael has imparted some of this hard-earned wisdom to over 2,000 ninth graders. In this book, he has tried as honestly and concisely as possible to answer eleven of the more pressing questions teenagers have shared with him.
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