I started exploring my environment through a lens in 1999. My photos have been in several galleries including Bainbridge Arts & Craft, the Boston Globe, the Bainbridge Review, Living Buddhism, Art Access, and several online publications. My digital art has been incorporated in online web sites and webinars as well as numerous print publications.

I play harmonica and sing in a local band, Good Karma Blues. So, for my latest art endeavor, I tried to capture some of the feelings behind musical instruments and the hands that manipulate them. These will be exhibited at Bainbridge Performing Arts in July 2018.

I think we all get to choose our purpose in life. Mine is to create as many positive connections with people as possible through writing, speaking, music and art. Digital art and photography allows me to share who I am and how I see the world. 

Latest "In Progress" Project: Music Makers

16" x 20" Digital Art Printed on Canvas

Next exhibit: July 2018 at Bainbridge Performing Arts