Once upon a time, I was an engineer, then an industry executive, the founder of Celerity Works (1999),  one of the co-founders of GOVPROP.com, and an adjunct professor. Now I continue to explore leadership and daily life from a Buddhist perspective and conduct motivational workshops for students. I also appreciate the opportunity to share my 47 year practice of Nichiren Buddhism with members of other faith traditions especially as it relates to creating hope in trying times. I also play harmonica and sing in a local blues band, Good Karma Blues (see music page) and have a digital art series, Musical Makers (see art page).

‚ÄčI have written hundreds of magazine articles and blogs on a variety of business and Buddhist related topics. I am also the author of Romancing the Buddha which I adapted into a successful one-man show. My digital nature photographs have appeared in the Boston Globe, Bainbridge Island Magazine, Living Buddhism as well as in several local galleries.

I founded Celerity Works in 1999 to help executives accelerate their revenue growth. I have facilitated hundreds of planning retreats and implemented marketing, sales, and proposal processes and training programs for over 70 companies who have benefited from lessons learned from over 450 business growth assessment interviews and 250 coaching assignments.  

I delivered a popular workshop several times at George Mason University in Virginia to first year business and marketing students. The 1-2 hour talk dealt with many of the things that students aren't taught in school but have to learn the hard way on their own in order to succeed in life.

Prior to 1999, I was a government contractor vice president of domestic and international business development for over ten years and, before that, an information technology program manager.

I have an MS in Management and taught marketing for managers at National Louis University.

Romancing the Buddha